Our Story

Living in Wisconsin means most of the fruits and vegetables available throughout the year are sourced from warmer regions far away. Summer tantalizes us with succulent garden goodies that reveal themselves for 3 short growing months. During the remaining months, the local grocer provides greens and veggies from distant places.

Is there a way to grow fresh greens and veggies year round that is both local and sustainable? Enter aquaponics, a marriage between aquaculture (growing fish) and hydroponics (growing plants with water).

ColdSnap Aquaponics takes a 21st century agricultural approach to producing greens, veggies, and fish in a simple, closed-loop system that’s ecologically sound. Our 10,000-square-foot greenhouse provides a year-round growing environment for fancy lettuce, vegetables, herbs, microgreens, and fish.

Organic in nature, no pesticides, herbicides or commercial fertilizers are added to the production system, making our all-natural, chemical-free produce and tilapia healthful and delicious.

Located in Central Wisconsin, ColdSnap Aquaponics is a reliable provider of fresh and healthy produce to schools, grocery stores, hospitals, restaurants, and residents in the region. Through our Farm to School and Farm to Restaurant initiatives, ColdSnap Aquaponics supplies fresh, locally-grown and healthy produce to the heart of Wisconsin.

With harvesting happening 365 days a year, the produce is always fresh and tasty at ColdSnap Aquaponics. Even during Wisconsin winters when other gardens are put to rest because of a cold snap, the greenhouse of ColdSnap Aquaponics continues to produce fresh lettuce, vegetables, and herbs. Locally sourced, fresh produce is delivered within 24 hours of harvest.

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